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Travillax Outdoors



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Resistance Level
  • FREE: Door Anchor
  • Tube Length 1.5m
  • Versatile, good replacements for dumbbells
  • Portable
  • Made of high-quality Malaysian Rubber
  • Padded Handles for secured and comforting grip
  • 5 Different resistance levels to accommodate progressive strength training
  • Soft Grip Foam Handles
  • Instructional Manual and Door Anchor included inside

Product Safety Precautions: 

  1. Do not use the resistant bands on uneven or rough surfaces such as tar road or sandy field. 
  2. Do not attach, hook or loop the resistant band over any sharp-edged surfaces such as pole or pillar. 
  3. Check for wear (breaks, white areas, cuts, tears, holes, nicks) to avoid your band breaking during an exercise. 
  4. Check that it is secured in place so that it doesn’t come unhooked as you are exercising. Attempt to pull the anchored resistant band to ensure that it’s safe to withstand the pull force. 
  5. Sanctband Active bands are made from natural latex which may cause allergic reactions. 
  6. Be careful with the exercises at head height! Keep away from eyes, the band could slip out of hand or holder, and snap in the face!
  7. Do not overstretch Sanctband | Sanctband Active (F≥200%), do not create too much tension. Choose the band that matches your physical condition and muscle strength.

Product Care & Storage Advice:

  1. Do not store outdoors. Store bands away from direct sunlight and heat. 
  2. Avoid storing resistant bands alongside sharp objects. 
  3. Clean resistant bands by wiping using a damp clean cloth to free it from dirt or particles. 
  4. Be sure to regularly check the general condition of your resistant bands. If you notice a crack or a snag, stop using the product and replace it. 
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