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Travillax Outdoors

11pcs/set Resistance Bands

11pcs/set Resistance Bands

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-Create pure physical weight loss and get rid of obesity
-Modifying muscle lines, shaping perfect body
-30 minutes a day, practice a different self
-Anytime, anywhere, easy fitness
-Focus on the details and focus on high quality
-5 RESISTANCE BANDS SET: Yellow 10 lbs, Green 15 lbs, Red 20 lbs, Blue 25 lbs, Black 30 lbs .
-Resistance tubes made of TPE, which Eco-friendly and extremely durable.
-Suitable for any level of fitness exercisers, so that you can conduct the most extensive resistance training at home. 

Package Included:
5PCS Tension band
2PCS Ankle strap
2PCS Grip
1PCS Fixed anchor
1PCS Tote bag
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